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If you're done with the frustration, struggle, and overwhelming emotions that happen every time you have yet another unproductive conversation with your spouse . . .

Then it's time for you to


in a free LIVE + VIRTUAL Workshop

You feel lost because over time careers, growing kids, and just...life's challenges entered the picture and your marriage started to break down

You are living the life of Married Roommates and sick and tired of feeling alone, not a priority, and wonder if you will ever find your spark again.

You find you are having more and more frustrating talks, avoiding conversations, living in silence, and at times slamming doors and you feel stuck in a negative cycle with no way out

You sometimes feel lonely and as if there is a Grand Canyon of distance growing between you and your spouse and you feel powerless to change it

Fess up. Does this sound like you?

First, you can't navigate this all alone...

You need a resource that will provide you practical tools that will allow you to quickly take action on in your marriage, because you are not a marriage therapist with 1000's of resources and expertise at your fingertips.

So, you have a choice...

A. You can sit there and do what you've always
done and keep trying to get a different result


B. You can learn the secrets of communication with your
spouse direct from an award-winning marriage therapist. 

Glad you asked...

 “Yep, you got me!
What's the fix?"

here's what you get...

Light Up Your Marriage
Communication Workshop

Say hello to the

You will be surprised at how easy it can be to transform your marriage, even when you think all hope is lost of regaining that beautiful connection you once had with your spouse.

You will learn....

.... 3 Critical Spouse Connections

.... 4 Marriage Killers

.... 6 Overcoming Conflict Super Skills 

.... 3 Demon Dialogues that show up in your marriage

.... 6 Secret Weapons of Marriage Communication 

.... and so much more!

You will leave knowing ...

.... Exactly where to start repairing your marriage

.... Exactly what to say and how to say it to get your spouse to listen so you are heard and understood

.... How to regain your emotional and physical connection

.... How to get back the spark that you thought was long ago extinguished

What you will learn:


Can't make it live? No problem. You can watch the replays anytime.

1. Live + virtual workshop

The one thing everybody says about me:

I keep things real and down to earth.

I'll say it if it needs to be said. And I know that everyone can be successful in their marriage convos if they're willing to put in a little bit of work.

Ultimately, we will work together melting away all of your worries and fears surrounding communication in your marriage. So let's get out of the "you always" and "you never" rut and get back to connecting better than when you said, "I do!"

with 4-time award-winning marriage therapist, Amy Wine

2. Marriage coaching + Live Q&A

You will find a safe and secure place to discuss your marriage concerns.

I've run several private Facebook groups for marriage where the members are shocked to find deep connection with others, a realization they are not alone in their struggles, and a safe place.

And if sharing in this space isn't for you, NO PROBLEM!

You can send in any questions you have privately and I will answer them anonymously. But I know you'll be pleasantly surprised with this dynamics of this group!

Best of all, I will personally be present in the group throughout the entire workshop!

3. Ultra-private Facebook community
(Value $297)

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All this value for FREE?

So, you're thinking, "Why would she do this?"

I get it, but I pinky swear there isn't a catch!

I am simply passionate about helping couples bring back the spark in their marriage, and there's no better time to do that than the present, when many of us are home in isolation with our spouses nearly 24/7.

I'm going to show up, serve the heck out of you, and prove I can help you change any communication pattern in your marriage.


I get it, you don't know me from Adam. Simply join and if you feel this is not for you, exit stage right at anytime.


Wait, what's the catch?

Today, it's FREE!

Total Value: $2,244

(VALUE: $297)

(VALUE: $1450)

(VALUE: $497)

#3 Ultra-private Facebook Group

#2 Marriage Coaching + Live Q&A

with recordings if you can't make it live


You will get...

Let's recap, shall we?
when you join the workshop

I’m a small town Oklahoma gal, living the big city life in Houston Texas.

When I’m not running my ten-time award-winning counseling clinic, living life with my amazing hubs of 22 years, raising my three amazing (almost-adult!) human children (and four fur babies), trying to figure out how to make gluten-free baking delicious or chasing after my labradoodle puppy, Mollie, I’m devouring everything that I can to help you divorce-proof your marriage.

I'm a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) and Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), I've helped hundreds of couples transform their relationships from married roommate status to a marriage on fire.

... wife, mom, counselor, business coach, speaker, and professional taco eater.

Hi, I'm Amy

Why should you trust me?

Thursday, October 22nd
Tuesday, October 27th
Thursday, October 29th

Live Lesson + Q&A
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
(Central standard time)

 Can't make it?

All lessons are recorded to view at anytime during the workshop & you can submit questions privately.

Workshop Schedule

If you are someone in a committed relationship and want to reconnect with your spouse without feeling overwhelmed, then this bootcamp is right for you.

If you don't know where to start communicating differently, this is for you.

It is NOT right for you if you're looking for a quick fix and not willing to put in the work. 

Who is best suited for this workshop?

We love this question! And our answer is pretty straightforward: We don't run workshops that are light on strategy and heavy on the fluff.

Instead, we host intentional workshops that are designed with practical information you can act on immediately.

How is this workshop different from others?

Thursday, October 22nd
Tuesday, October 27th
Thursday, October 29th

Live Lesson + Q&A
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
(Central standard time)

 Can't make it?

All lessons are recorded to view at anytime during the workshop & you can submit questions privately.

What is the schedule?

We know you are busy, busy and life can get overwhelming so...in the amount of time it would take you to binge watch one episode of Game of Thrones a day you can change your entire marriage.

Attend live as you can, or watch the replay videos as you are able.

How much time do I need to commit to the workshop?

We get it, you're busy and you may not be able to make it to some of the calls. That's why there will be replays available for you to do anytime during the workshop.

What if I can't make it to the live coaching calls?

What if my spouse won't or can't join?

No problem at all. This program is designed to create change in your marriage even if only one of you is going through the program.

How long are the doors open to join?

Doors slam shut on October 22nd.
Save your spot now!

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Will you choose to stop letting fear and doubt keep you from having the marriage your deserve? Are you ready to reconnect with your spouse?

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