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Emotional Unavailability: Understanding His Side

August 20, 2020

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When yelling and silence no longer work on your husband, is it time to give up? How can you establish a connection with someone who is emotionally unavailable?

In today’s episode of Marriage on Fire, I’m joined by Jon once again. It's about time we hear his side of things as we talk about how our conflicting family background has ingrained in us, habits and values we had to unlearn to save our marriage.

Learn why men are sometimes emotionally unavailable and how you can communicate in their language. Recognizing that you are emotionally unavailable is the first step, but are you ready to take action and make changes?

Listen in as Jon and I reveal some secret thoughts for the first time and hear how reactions can mean so much in a conversation. Learn how it can be OK not to be understood all the time and how to put more emphasis on being accepted and loved. Discover ways you can recognize progress in your relationship. It's not about perfection, but growth and celebrating your small victories together as husband and wife.

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • How differences in your love languages affects your marriage
  • Why yelling or silence doesn’t work on your husband
  • Why you should reexamine your role in the family
  • How unlocking your past helps you explain your present behavior
  • Why men struggle with having an emotional connection



“It's tough to be married to a marriage therapist. Let's just put it that way.” -Jon

“When you're working that much, and then you sleep eight hours a day, you don't have even the time to be together, it's easy to withdraw, to avoid.” -Jon


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