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Marriage on Fire

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In a live workshop-styled show, I reveal all the most effective strategies I honed from counseling hundreds of couples. Having my own ups and downs in marriage, I simply get what couples are going through and I will provide you actionable steps for divorce-proofing your marriage. For an added treat, my hubby Jon often co-hosts the show, providing you with a complete picture on how to handle communication issues, struggles, withdraw, and anger cycles in marriage. You are sure to laugh along the way as Jon and I are complete opposites in nearly every way. Join in and light your marriage on fire!

I’m Amy - your podcast hostess and marriage + business cheerleader.

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"If you are married you need this podcast!
Amy is the bomb dot com. I love having her pop into my earbuds each week and give me all the amazing marriage advice to keep my marriage strong! If you want to get the sparks flyin in your marriage this is the podcast for you!"
-Brandi M.

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