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Surviving Substance Abuse in Marriage with Adriana Wallace

August 20, 2020

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Does addiction mean your marriage has to end? How do you help the ones you love without enabling their destructive behavior?

In today’s episode of Marriage on Fire, I’m joined by licensed chemical dependency counselor intern, Adriana Wallace. Adriana works closely with clients at the Amy Wine Counseling Center, aiding in the process of overcoming the hold chemical dependency can have on individuals, marriages and families alike. Her unwavering passion for the work she does is fueled by her own personal relationship with addiction. She shares her understanding of addiction and shares ways we can help those we love to overcome it.

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • How to define addiction and notice warning signs.
  • Why a spouse may prioritize their addiction over family.
  • How you can support a spouse with addiction without enabling them.
  • How to determine when enough is enough.
  • The importance of setting boundaries and ways to increase communication.

Listen in as Adriana shares her story and gives invaluable insights into the workings of addiction. We talk about common misconceptions when it comes to addiction and all the small signs you may be missing when it comes to determining if it is present in your marriage. Hear why it is so incredibly difficult for addicts to “just stop” despite its effect on loved ones and find out how you can not just survive addiction, but come out on the other side of it stronger than ever.



“And so those are small details that we do tend to overlook. And we do tend to kind of make excuses for or, you know, makeup or even sometimes just lie to ourselves because we don't want to see what's happening in our marriages or in our families, because that's hard. And that's scary.” -Adriana Wallace

“You can individualize the treatment to the person. That's why it's so important to seek out to get with someone that you can talk to that knows about addiction, and they can help you figure out what works for you.” -Adriana Wallace

“You really, you have to see them, you have to understand that these are just people struggling with within with a struggle just like anybody else... It is just another struggle. It's fierce, and it's painful, and it's something that is so hard to get away from.” -Adriana Wallace


I will see you all here next week!



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