I know from both personal and professional experience that even the most disconnected couples can come back and find the marriage they dreamed of when they said, "I do". In order to bring what I do 1:1 in the counseling room directly to you, I have created the Marriage on Fire Membership, the Spark Marriage Bootcamp, and my signature course, Spark: Reignite Your Marriage.

I am passionate about serving as many couples as possible in the world achieve the marriage of their dreams.

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Do you feel like there's a Grand Canyon between you and your spouse and it's growing ever bigger by the day? Does every conversation quickly go off the rails despite starting them with the best of intentions?

In this live virtual bootcamp, Amy will help you learn exactly what to say and how to say it to get your spouse to listen so you are heard and understood. Join the waitlist today!

A membership like no other, you will get all the techniques, tools, and information that Amy uses with couples in her 1:1 sessions. She breaks everything down into bite-sized, easy to digest, video lessons, downloads, action items, and more.

This membership is currently closed but will reopen soon. Join the waitlist so you don't miss any important details and find out if this membership is for you!

Feeling like a roommate in your marriage is NOT "just what happens after kids and years together." It is only a feeling that gifts you with a one-way ticket to divorce. If you are like me, you simply don't have the actionable tools to avoid living alone, together. Join our waiting list for the online course that will divorce-proof your marriage and take you from living the life of roommates to a couple on fire for each other.

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Amy Wine's Marriage Philosophy

You know a marriage is about so much more than saying, "I do." You're building a life together full of ups and downs, twists and turns. Navigating these can sometimes be frustrating at best. Just know you can have it all with a plan and intentional action. This is where I step in and provide you just that!

Amy Wine's

Marriage Philosophy